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Build WordPress Yourself is not just a series of random articles. View completed courses to help illustrate how to complete tasks from start to finish.

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Building with WordPress should be a unique and personal experience. Let BWPY give you the information needed to unleash your creativity.

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What If You Could Build with WordPress Yourself?

That's exactly what Build WordPress Yourself is all about... helping you develop with WordPress yourself. From themes, to plugins, to content management, there are multiple major components that come together to make a great WordPress website.

It takes time to develop the skills necessary for bringing all of those together. The best way to do so is to start building WordPress sites yourself. Build WordPress Yourself is designed to help you do just that while providing awesome resources.

Take a second to check out the Getting Started guide. It's a short read that will introduce you to all the resources Build WordPress Yourself has to offer.

Getting Started with Build WordPress Yourself

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Enterprise is a fun and flexible WordPress theme that highlights content while maintaining design.


Simple Course Creator

Simple Course Creator

Simple Course Creator links posts together by series and outputs that series list in the content of each post.




Presentation is a simple and professional WordPress theme fully integrated with Easy Digital Downloads.


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