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Build WordPress Yourself is a collection of articles, tools, and resources that will help you take WordPress site development into your own hands.

If you’re already developing sites or at least tweaking them to your liking, Build WordPress Yourself will help you take your skills to the next level.

sean-davis-sdavismediaI’m Sean. I’m the creator of BWPY and I also maintain the site to include design, development, and writing.

I definitely appreciate the fact that you’re here. Putting and keeping this resource together is a lot of hard work and I’m thrilled that you appreciate it enough to stop by and look around.

My goal here is to be extremely open with information sharing. I know a little bit about WordPress development but there’s always more to learn. So as I learn, I am ready and willing to share that new information with you.

Please do not hesitate to make conversation with me. I need your feedback.

Leave comments on articles. Use the contact form. Reach out to me on social media while you’re sharing the site content. This place is dedicated to its readers so take advantage.

I won’t hold you any longer. It’s time to get started with a little custom WordPress site building. Visit the Getting Started page to see what Build WordPress Yourself has to offer.

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