Building Theme Color Options with the Customizer


  1. Hello Sean, thank you for this wonderful tutorial, really helped me a lot on building my own theme, consider me a fan. I just have a one question, I want to add a color option but for gradient, do you have an idea how to it? Thanks.

  2. Hey this helped me a lot. Unfortunately my english is not the best and so i skiped a few sektions and just grabed some code. Now i have the problem that the color picker does not save the color. In the preview everthing looks realy nice. But as soon as i close the customizer dialoge, the color is the same as befor. Nothing has changed.

    What part have i missed ยด:-)?

    Hope you can help me.

      • Om my god, sorry for not answering in time. I got the email with the reply notification a few minutes ago.

        Whatever, in the mean time i got the problem solved but i can’t remember how ^^

        Now it works and that’s the only thing that matter. Thanks again for this tutorial and for your answer ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi Simon, I am also having the same problem – can you explain how you fixed this issue?


  3. Hello,

    Very helpful! However, I’m having a problem.

    a {
    color: ;

    Why can’t I change the ‘a’ to for e.g

    site-navigation {
    background: ;

    (this would be for the navigation background color) when I do this nothing happens although I tried this with ‘body’ and it works.

    Please can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do that. It would work just the same as it does for an anchor tag.

      Note: “site-navigation” in your code above is missing the period or number symbol. Hopefully that’s not the issue.

  4. Great article, I couldn’t get the colors to apply on the front end even though they were changing in the preview but as you mentioned moving the head_styles outside the main function fixed that. Thanks!

  5. I was struggling with this for some time. I have read many tuts, but this is the best yet.
    Thankd man for this tut!

  6. Based on this i’ve build my own theme options. My theme is still in development but is simply awesome. With wp customizer you can change every aspect of your site.

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