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Professional Developer Theme

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Professional Developer Theme (PDT) is a clean, simple, and smart theme for software developers using WordPress. Fully integrated with Easy Digital Downloads and bbPress, PDT is perfect for distributing and supporting software.

Styles are kept to a minimum in this theme as it is not designed to be flashy. Only one primary design color is used throughout the theme which can easily be edited through PDT’s many theme customizer options.

The customizer gives you the ability to:

Header Area

The site title and tagline will display by default. You have the option to upload a logo which will instantly replace the site title. You can also select the option to hide the site tagline.

If your logo is a little bigger than the default area, select the option to use the big header, which gives you more wiggle room in the header.


Color Options

As stated above, PDT uses one primary design color. If you were to change this color, every accent color in the theme will reflect your new selection. This is great for simple branding.

PDT also comes with three call-to-action button colors for the featured information areas (more on that below).


Content Options

PDT’s content options are make changing basic theme functionality a breeze.

Choose between displaying excerpts or full post content in your blog feed, search results, and archives without editing theme files. With full post content selected, you may also choose to display or hide featured images in the aforementioned feeds.

Control the display of featured images on individual posts as well, along with a built in post footer that requires no custom theme edits. All information is pulled directly from theme and WordPress settings.

Select whether or not to allow comment functionality on WordPress pages (on posts by default) and also control site footer text.


Featured Information

Featured Information is one of PDT’s highlights. Easily pitch important information to visitors in a smart and effective manner.

On the site home page, the featured information will display in a feature box fashion located above all other content for high visibility.

On internal pages, the same information will move to the top of the sidebar so as to become the secondary focus behind the page content.


bbPress Options

PDT is ready to handle bbPress right out of the box. No configuration or style changes are needed. The only thing you have to decide is whether or not you want a sidebar on your forums or not.

Without a sidebar, the forums increase in width and center on the screen. With a sidebar, a bbPress-specific sidebar will display so that you can display certain widgets only on your forums. Should you choose not to use widgets in your bbPress sidebar, it will fall back to the main sidebar widgets.


Easy Digital Downloads Options

Multiple Page Templates are built into PDT for full support of Easy Digital Downloads (EDD). They include checkout, members area, failed transaction, purchase confirmation, purchase history, and a store front template.

The store front template aligned in a grid style is the highlight of of the EDD integration. The EDD customizer settings allow you to easily control the finer details of this template.


Also, EDD has its own sidebar just like bbPress. On all pages using an EDD template that support a sidebar, you have the option to place widgets in an EDD-specific sidebar. Should you choose to leave it empty, it will fall back to the main sidebar widgets.

Social Networking Profiles

GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ profile fields are built into PDT and used throughout the theme.

If you enter a URL (any URL) into a field, its corresponding icon will appear in the theme header as well as a text link in the single post footer.


Theme Updates

When you purchase PDT, you will receive a license key that is specific to your transaction. Though the theme will work with 100% functionality without activating your license key, you will not receive automatic dashboard updates without an active license key.

With your license key activated, simply keep an eye on your WordPress dashboard updates and PDT will notify when it’s time to click one simple link and have your theme updated.

Additional Theme Details

Professional Developer Theme Live Demo

PDT is 100% responsive. It looks professional on both desktop and mobile screens. The main menu supports unlimited drop down levels that are also fully responsive.

As stated in the customizer section, PDT supports three sidebars: the main sidebar, a bbPress-specific sidebar, and an EDD-specific sidebar.

The main sidebar is used as default throughout the theme. Should you add widgets to the bbPress sidebar, it will be used on all bbPress related pages instead. The same is true for the EDD sidebar and EDD pages.


GNU General Public License v2 or later:


Though Professional Developer Theme is on GitHub, it is in a private repo since it is a paid download. If you wish to collaborate with me in further development PDT, contact me with your license key (for proof of purchase) and your GitHub user name. I will add you as a collaborator on the private repo.