Simple Course Creator Customizer

Simple Course Creator Customizer

This is an add-on plugin for use with the Simple Course Creator plugin.

Simple Course Creator is designed to easily link posts together in a series and output that series list in the content of each included post.

This customizer add-on adds a new section to the WordPress customizer that allows you to make simple design changes to the Simple Course Creator output.

How It Works

Once activated, navigate to the WordPress Customizer and a new section titled “Simple Course Creator Design” will appear near the bottom only if Simple Course Creator is installed and activated.

All default styles will remain as they were when you install this add-on. Style changes only happen if you change the customizer settings.


Theme Overrides

For complete customization control with HTML, CSS, and JS, skip out on this add-on follow the Theme Overrides section of Simple Course Creator.


This plugin, like WordPress, is licensed under the GPL. GNU General Public License v2 or later:


Feel free to fork the repo on Github and submit pull requests if you’d like to make contributions to the plugin.

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