Simple Course Creator Post Meta

Simple Course Creator Post Meta

This is an add-on plugin for use with the Simple Course Creator plugin.

Simple Course Creator is designed to easily link posts together in a series and output that series list in the content of each included post.

The Simple Course Creator Post Meta add-on outputs additional information about each post in the post listing. The information displays right beneath the post title.

How It Works

Once activated, each post in a post listing (implemented by Simple Course Creator) will display post information in smaller text directly beneath the post title.


For each piece of information displayed, a new option is also added to the display settings for Simple Course Creator found under your WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> Course Settings -> Display (tab).


Simple Course Creator Post Meta also adds new WordPress customizer settings for design control.

If you have Simple Course Creator Customizer installed and activated, the new post meta customizer settings will merge with it seamlessly.


If Simple Course Creator Customizer is not installed, a new customizer section is created.


Of course, you can bypass all of this and write your own CSS.

Theme Overrides

You can edit the post meta output using the following filters in your theme functions file.

For the “written by” text:

function your_filter_name( $content ) {
	$content = str_replace( 'written by', 'post author', $content );
	return $content;
add_filter( 'written_by', 'your_filter_name' );

For the “on” text:

function your_other_filter_name( $content ) {
	$content = str_replace( 'on', 'date', $content );
	return $content;
add_filter( 'written_on', 'your_other_filter_name' );


This plugin, like WordPress, is licensed under the GPL. GNU General Public License v2 or later:


Feel free to fork the repo on Github and submit pull requests if you’d like to make contributions to the plugin.

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