Try Ninja Demo

Try Ninja Demo

This plugin must be used with Ninja Demo.

Try Ninja Demo adds a new widget that automatically outputs the demo entry form and allows you to specify the text to display based on whether or not a user is inside of the demo. Ninja Demo was created by the same wonderful folks who created Ninja Forms.

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The widget:


Widget output when not in demo:


Widget output when in demo:



Customizing Try Ninja Demo is pretty simple. Just use CSS. The widget output is littered with classes to make that easier for you.

.try-ninja-demo-widget – Wraps the entire widget output
.tnd-widget – Wraps all content below the widget title
.tnd-widget-content – Wraps all content you place inside of either textarea
.tnd-not-in-demo – Wraps only the content that displays if the user is not in the demo
.tnd-in-demo – Wraps only the content that displays if the user is in the demo
.nd-start-demo – (Ninja Demo) Wraps the form question and submit


This plugin, like WordPress, is licensed under the GPL. GNU General Public License v2 or later:


Feel free to fork the repo on Github and submit pull requests if you’d like to make contributions to the plugin.

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