Getting Started with Build WordPress Yourself – A WordPress Theme Developer’s Best Friend

What started as a restricted membership course for learning to customize WordPress themes and frameworks is now a resource open to everyone with a focus on complete WordPress site development.

Build WordPress Yourself aims to usher savvy WordPress users into a new level development with custom WordPress site configuration. If you’ve spent some time tweaking WordPress sites but you’ve never built your own, you’re in the right place.

Breaking Down Build WordPress Yourself

Build WordPress Yourself is organized into categories that cover the many aspects of building complete WordPress websites.

Theme BuildingFrameworksIntegrations, Plugins, Code Snippets, and Theme Customizer should cover most of what’s needed. Anything else useful that doesn’t fall under one of those categories can be found in the Articles section.

Why You Should Understand All Areas of Theme Development

It’s important to understand that not every WordPress website is the same. Therefore, not every WordPress website needs the same functionality.

That said, not every WordPress website should use the same theme… unless that theme includes next to nothing, in which case it should be built into a unique theme that serves a specific purpose.

That’s why it is important to know just as much about standalone WordPress themes as you do frameworks.

Many of you use WordPress because it is the right tool for the job. Well, don’t dismiss that philosophy when it’s time to pick a theme.

Understand the website you’re about to build and choose the best theme approach for that website. It may be best for you to build your own theme. If that’s the case, Build WordPress Yourself will make sure you know how.

WordPress Theme Building Course!

In this free course, you'll learn how WordPress themes are built by dissecting Underscores (_s), a starter theme built by the WordPress folks themselves. If you can tweak a theme, you can build a theme! Click the button below to get started.

How to Build a WordPress Theme

Useful Tools for WordPress Theme Development

Building WordPress themes can be a complicated job. It’s not just about the theme design, you also have to test, re-test, and test more.

While WordPress offers some great resources for ensuring the preparedness of your theme, there are some pretty cool community tools that help as well.

Use the Tools page to surf through those tools.

Build WordPress Yourself Store

This is where you get the goods! Build WordPress Yourself will slowly develop into the ultimate resource for awesome WordPress themes and plugins.


The Store includes both free and paid downloads ready for use whenever you are. Visit the Store to check them out.

Stay Connected with Build WordPress Yourself

The information will never stop flowing. WordPress will continue to evolve and so will the resources that support it. It’s best to stay up to speed.

Let Build WordPress Yourself keep you informed with the latest and greatest in regards to WordPress site development.