Official Build WordPress Yourself Downloads


Enterprise Theme

Enterprise is a fun and flexible WordPress theme that highlights content while maintaining design.

Try Ninja Demo

Try Ninja Demo Plugin

For use with the Ninja Demo plugin, display the login form with conditional content using a simple widget.

See More Themes

See More Themes Plugin

Easily see more themes when viewing installed themes or searching for new themes in your dashboard.


Presentation Theme

Presentation is a simple and professional WordPress theme fully integrated with Easy Digital Downloads.

Simple Course Creator Front Display

Simple Course Creator Front Display Plugin

On the blog home, archives, and search results, indicate that posts are part of a Simple Course Creator course.

Professional Developer Theme

Professional Developer Theme Theme

Professional Developer Theme is a clean, simple, and smart WordPress theme for professional software developers.

Simple Course Creator Post Meta

Simple Course Creator Post Meta Plugin

SCC Post Meta is an add-on for Simple Course Creator that introduces post meta information below post titles.

Simple Course Creator Customizer

Simple Course Creator Customizer Plugin

SCC Customizer is a an add-on for the Simple Course Creator plugin that introduces customizer settings.

Test Site Tools

Test Site Tools Plugin

Test Site Tools is a simple plugin designed to make managing your test and demo sites an easier task.

Simple Course Creator

Simple Course Creator Plugin

Simple Course Creator links posts together by series and outputs that series list in the content of each post.

Underscores for EDD

Underscores for EDD Theme

This theme is a styleless combination of the Underscores (_s) starter theme by Automattic and Easy Digital Downloads.

Twenty Fourteen for EDD

Twenty Fourteen for EDD Theme

Twenty Fourteen is a flexible default theme for WordPress. This child theme integrates with EDD to make it better.

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