WordPress Theme Building Tools

Review each tool at least once to get familiar with WordPress site development standards. Building WordPress sites from the ground up is an easy job but a little overwhelming the first time around.

Beta Testing
Never build a WordPress site on an old version of WordPress. Make sure your theme and plugins work with the latest stable version of WordPress while testing its compatibility with development versions. Easily keep up to date in your testing environment using the WordPress Beta Tester. More Information
WP Debug
One of the first things you want to do when developing a WordPress site is turn on WP Debug in your WordPress install. This will help you ensure that your system does not have any errors that may be harmful to your site. More Information
Content Testing
There are plenty of .XML files floating around the internet for WordPress demo content. You want content that tests every possible situation for user content. WP Test does it best. Use it. More Information
Monster Widget
With your test content in place, use this settings-free widget to test content in your sidebar. It’s simply a list of widgets designed to disrupt the flow of your sidebar. Don’t let it. More Information
Developer Plugin
This plugin walks you through a process that gets your WordPress site ready for development and testing. What tools you already have in place, it will skip over. What you don’t, it will assist you in setting up. More Information
Regenerate Thumbnails
Regenerate thumbnails is used to automatically create thumbnails for all images uploaded to your WordPress media library. When developing themes, creating specific dimensions for thumbnails does not adjust the thumbnails that already exist. This plugin does it for you. More Informaiton
Coding Standards
While it’s totally up to you how you write your code, the WordPress community finds comfort in a standard that many have grown to expect and appreciate. Review that standards at least once. PHPHTMLCSSJavaScript
Theme Design
One of the most overwhelming parts of designing WordPress themes is realizing how many elements you previously ignored and now have to account for. Take a moment to review the individual elements that come together to make a WordPress theme. More Information
Template Hierarchy
There are a number of ways you can put together WordPress themes. There are very few required files but many useful ones. Understanding the template hierarchy is absolutely essential. More Information
Conditional Tags
Conditional tags can be used in a number of ways in your WordPress themes. Gain unique control over your WordPress theme by understanding how to use these conditionals in your favor. More Information
The bottom line is that you shouldn’t release WordPress themes that aren’t ready for translation. WordPress is too widely used to ignore this step. Internationalization can be difficult to understand. Get started now. More Informaiton
Theme Review
If you were to submit your theme to the WordPress repository it would go through a very specific review process. You may not have plans to submit your theme to WordPress, but you can still prepare it for inspection. More Information